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At Pro Financial Group we welcome YOU. We welcome those with the desire of becoming one, regardless of your current financial status. We’re here to help you become an accredited real estate investor.
The Three Ways to Invest in Apartments to create wealth:


(Do it Yourself)


(Real Estate Investment Trust)


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This is what you will need to do if you are going it alone:

Remember: If the deal es easy to get, it probably isn’t any good, and the more interest in the deal, the more value it will have to the next set of buyers.

Buying apartments on your own is for a much smaller number of people than you would think, but you won’t know that until you go deep in in real estate.

The mistakes you will make in real estate are not as obvious as you might think, and most all of them are made because people go it alone. However, the biggest mistake of all, is to never buy income producing real estate at all.


(real Estate investment trust)

So what exactly is Real Estate Investment Trust? This is like buying stock or paper and not investing directly into the real estate. This is great for those who want the cash flow yield but don’t kid yourself this is not a real estate investment. And in fact the IRS does not allow owners in a REIT any of the great tax advantages offered to owners of real estate.

3. Partnership

This is where you either create a partnership or become an investing partner with other professional real estate investors who are investing in real estate.

A) Create your own partnership and do all the work.

You find the deal, negotiate and manage it, and raise funds from friends and family. This is a lot of work for you and is a full time job. Now, you aren’t just buying deals and managing them, you also have to do fundraising.

Typically, you will pay them 6% to 10% on their investment, unless you have to get hard money loans that can cost 125 to 20% and then do some kind of split on the profits above those payouts.

B) Syndicator.

You invest money with a professional real estate investor who is basically doing (A) above and he raises money from others to buy and manage deals. The syndicator makes most of his money from fees. While the syndicator will also benefit from selling at a profit, the person investing in this model is typically less interested in the upside profit.

The downside of this model is, the syndicator has to sell out of the property at a certain date in the future. While this is sold as a benefit to the investors it is actually at detriment in bad markets.

C) Partner on a Proft Sharing / Cash Flow Formula.

This is what we do at Pro Financial Group. This model is different from other investment models as it makes extraordinary deals available to ordinary investors.

The main benefit of real estate is that it provides a service whose demand is neither unaffected by the economy and is increased during recessions. The real estate market occasionally fluctuates, but no matter what happens, the cost of rent will be stable.
Real estate offers predictable cash flow. It appreciates in value and it provides a higher return because of positive leverage. Because the cost of real estate is so large and often purchased with debt, the tax rate on this recaptured real estate depreciation is usually 25%.

Are APARTMENTS the best investment
available over the next 100 years?


Demographics strongly suggest people are more interested in using (renting) than owning. You can see this everywhere. Homeownership is at the lowest upon, is at the highest level ever.

80 million +

80+ million baby boomers are more likely to move into rentals in the future than buying a new home.


Millennials are having families later than at any time in history and delaying the home purchase and are more likely to rent.


The affordability of homeownership continues to get out of reach for most Americans due to flat wages, no savings, and poor credit.

The Fantasy

The fantasy of homeownership as “The Americans lost their homes.”


At Pro Financial Group our goal is to give you the financial security needed to have a stable life and secure future.

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